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The CD Namibia erfahren und erfliegen

Franz Reinisch who issued a CD "titled "Namibia erfahren und erfliegen" with about 400 photos incl. text, published by LIS Reinisch reports:

Reinhold Strobel invited us for a walk with Mäxi (a Pavian) and his dogs Cora and Puppi and told us his story how he landed in Namibia.

He came as a tourist and saw the sign "For sale". After his return to Germany (near Pforzheim); he decided to emigrate, sold all he had and since that time he's living here together with his wife.

First we planned to continue our trip, but it was so nice here, that we accepted the invitation, to stay on the camping site with its 4 beautiful places. Mr. Strobel then fired the donkey and we could take a warm bath shower. This is a comfort, you will appreciate when getting up in the mornig at minus 6° degrees.


In most all guidebooks our Guestfarm with Guesthouse

and Campingsite is mentioned, so in the wellnown

guidebook of Livia and Peter Pack

published by Stefan Loose. Here is to read the following about our farm:

Otjiwarongo and surroundings – Dinosaurs-tracks Camping/Farm Otjihaenamaparero:

The Dinosaurs-tracks and the farm incl. a Guest House (B&B) and a Camping site you will find driving the D2414 in the south of Kalkfeld. For us it was a stopover on the way from Waterberg back to Windhoek, and as such it is recommended absolutely.

You may come also as a daytripper, only to see the Dino-tracks (Mr. Strobel has a lot to tell you); but a night's lodging we recommend in any case. The camping site is layed out affectionately, equipped with good sanitary facilities. Each camping place has a grill-place and there is a sink extra.

The camping site is situated very scenic and directly next to the Dino-tracks. We spent there 2 days and nights and so we got to know the farmer and his wife (German emigrants) - very hospitable people - Kathrin A. & Bjorn S.


Here some of guest's opinions:


If someone is looking for privacy and loneliness under the starry sky, is at the right place here. There are nice guesthouse with bed & breakfast (and on demand also cooking as service)

The married people Strobel (German emigrants) speak German and English. The guesthouse and the camping site have been established pretty well and Mr. + Mrs. Strobel are very engaged to please the tourists in everything. Mr. Strobel is well informed about the Dino-tracks of Namibia and describes all in an enthusiastic way.

The road signs to the farm is a little bad and perhaps it could happen that you will be misdirected by the dominant signs "Dinosaur Camp Site"/Mount Etjo Safari Lodge
Ulrich R.


We remember with pleasure the meeting with a DinoSapiens near Kalkfeld. With charme and esprit he gave us an understanding of what has happened millions of years ago at this place. Once more we want to thank You heartily and we have intended another visit with spending a little more time. H-P Gewecke


Meanwhile we safely arrived back at home. We had a wonderful time in Namibia. Especially the stay at Yours we enjoyed very much. Many thanks again for Your interesting and exciting guide to the dinosaur tracks. Our photos are pretty well. We wish You and Your wife furthermore a pleasant time in Your new adopted country. Perhaps it will lead us back to You when starting another Namibia-trip. Fam. Morhauser


In November we have visited You in Namibia. Your farm was one of the last destinations of our 3-week's Namibia-trip. Up to this day we have You in pleasant memory (and this not only because the savoury Kudu-meat we got served by You).
After our return we were so fascinated from Namibia, that we decided to pass on our experiences unconditionally to travellers in future. We always can say again and again, that we really enjoyed our stay at Your farm, and that we intend to visit You once more, when starting the second Namibia-trip.
With best regards Kathrin A. & Björn S.


It’s worth, to relax here for some days and to enjoy the nature, and also the very open, friendly contact to Mr. and Mrs. Strobel. This wonderful hospitality is only topped by the delicious cooking served. Norbert B.


Dinosaur's Tracks Guest Farm - Otjihaenamaparero -


The first idea of our self organized Namibia-trip (my wife and me), to stay only 3 days at the guest farm of family Strobel. But at the 3rd day we realized, that here - at this silent place and its beautiful landscape – we could forget for a while all the hectic and stress as known in Germany; and so we stayed here for a longer time than planned.

Mr. and Mrs. Strobel told us a lot of Namibia, the people, the Namibian cuisine, and about the joys but also difficulties when living on a farm. Talking all about that, we got more experienced than continuing our travel-plans as intended. Away from the common touristic areas we have learnt much about the living on a farm, for example how to deal carefully and economically with energy*, water and the land (* e.g. cooking meals like fish or meat using a “sun-stove” – means utilizing the sun-energy)

The guest farm in deed is a smaller one in Namibia, but here we realized the nature more intensive as expected.

We took home with us a lot of wonderful memories from Namibia and Otjihaenamaparero, and may-be we intend to go there for another time. Ursula u. Harald


Dear Family Strobel,

Surely you will remember the 2 Tyrolese guests who stayed on the camping-site early Sept. 2007. Sorry that it took a little longer time as promised, but now our photo-presentation about our Namibia-trip and the visit at your farm is ready.

You won’t believe it, how often we talked about your farm, your Dinosaur’s Tracks and your personal story to our friends and relatives.

We thought over several times about our visit at your farm and the given friendly atmosphere, talking about all and everything.

Par example we enjoyed the evening sitting all around the open fire and listening to your stories and explanations with big interest. As enclosure we hand over to you some photos from the Dino-Tracks, the Farm and the Camping site.

Kind regards from Patsch near Innsbruck (Austria)
Burghard and Evi


We say many thanks for your hearty welcome on your farm, being famous and well known for the primitive timed Dinosaur’s Tracks. Our trip through South Africa and your new home Namibia has filled us with a lot of unforgettable impressions and experiences.

Many kind regards from Brigitte and Edgar

By the way once more Thank You for the wonderful guidance to the Dino Tracks. Indeed, this is an unique experience, that one should not miss in Namibia.
Many Regards E. Lang, Tübingen


Hi Reinhold and wife (Apologize not remembering your name).

We have been thinking of you many times.DFo you remember?an Italian Family,at that age residentin South Africa,with two boys.We enjoyed staying at your plase and would like so much come back again.How are you?Let us know about you.We gave your contact to two Italian families who should contact you in a short looking forward Nello, Elisa, Matteo and Andrea S.


Hello dear friends,
It was really great to be with you last week and thank you for all the nice things you gave us! The jelly is now here in Switzerland and we will enjoy it! We got home fine on Monday morning but it was -10 degres !! Very very cold ! Of course we went straight away to work and the week was very hard !! This evening we are going to my daughter for dinner and they will get the sum up of our namibian trip! Take care and love from us all.
Maguy José Ryan Sarah


Many greetings from Hluhluwe, KZN, South Africa
My husband and I enjoyed very much staying with you, Adele & Reinhold, in August this year. What a great place, wonderful scenery and solitude! The Dinotracks are amazing, just a stonethrow away from the campsite. We loved the campsite and Reinhold and Adele are lovely people, very hospitable and soooo knowledged about the area and its history! Thank you very much for the nice evening we had with you, enjoying some south African red wine!!
Thank you very much for a wonderful stay, hopefully we'll be back one day! Tina &
Hennie Hluhluwe KwaZuluNatal


Hello Adele and Reinhold,
We got safely home and we are full back at work. We would like to thank you for the nice moments spent together. It is always nice to be with friends. I do not know when we will be back but this time with fresh parmesan !!
Take care and keep in touch.
Warm regards to both of you. Maguy José


My husband and I enjoyed very much staying with you, Adele & Reinhold. What a great place, wonderful scenery and solitude! The Dinotracks are amazing, just a stonethrow away from the campsite. Next to us were some geologist and palaeontologists staying. Sooo incredible! We loved the campsite and Reinhold and Adele are lovely people, very hospitable and soooo knowledged about the area and its history!
Thank you very much for the nice evening we had with you, enjoying some south African red wine!! I will print the photos for you and send them separately! Just some fotos for your service team if u want to use them for ur guestbook.
Thank you very much for a wonderful stay, hopefully we'll be back one day! T. & H. SA


Dear friends,
thank you very much for the beautifull holiday and your hospitality Bodo from Berlin


just wanted to say thanks for making your page ... I've beenon the hunt for some new dinosaur reference guides for the library, and your page has been a big help! Here's another resource I've been using with the kids; they really seem to like it: "Teaching Kids About Dinosaurs "

Would you mind adding it to your page for me? Our librarian's daughter (Karyn) was the one who found it. She's been doing some excellent research. Let me know if you add it so I can show her!
Have a great weekend! Sarah


Wonderful; so glad I could help! Thank you again for making such a nice website.. .it's been very useful! And thanks for including Karyn's suggestion - Keep up the good work and have a great day. Best, Sarah


Dear friends,
thank you very much for your hospitality by my 13th travel-group to Namibia and South Africa. I wish you all the best for 2014 an: see you again!
Kindly regards Your Bodo



When traveling in Namibia you should not miss this place!

You will get a warm welcome from the friendly hosts Adele and Reinhold Strobel.
Adele is a fantastic chef and spoiled us with an excellent dinner. The breakfast offered a huge variety including freshly baked buns, cold meats, cheese and much more.
Reinhold is a competently guide and his knowledge about dinosaurs and history is amazing. We really enjoyed our walk to the tracks, it was stunning!

The accommodation is comfortable and clean - best mattresses on our trip; nothing to complain about.

Many thanks again to Adele and Reinhold for such a great experience! Your establishment is highly recommended.
H. & W. Krietsch


Thank you Reinhold!
Camping at Dinosaurs Tracks was such a pleasurable experience. I was a little apprehensive when we arrived to find we were the only campers there. But Levi made sure we had plenty of hot water and Reinhold and Bella (His little dog) visited us every evening for a chat about where we had been and where we were going. We spent 2 nights at the campsite. Every site is neatly set out under shade. The Dinosaur Tracks are a short walk from the campsite and well worth viewing.
There is plenty of birdlife and it is a lovely quiet and peaceful setting. (Sep.2014)

Dear Adele and Reinhold,
we are back home in a rainy Netherlands . We would once again like to thank you for your kind hospitality during our stay at your guestfarm.
We were looking for a Guestfarm for a 1 night stopover halfway Kamanjab and Windhoek and found Dinosaur's Tracks Guestfarm on the internet. The place exceeded our expectations! The room was spacious and clean. The surroundings are quiet and beautiful. Dinner and breakfast were more than delicious. Furthermore, the food was perfectly in conformity with our dietary requests, which is remarkable at a place where grocery stores are not close at all. We learned a lot about the geology, nature and history of the farm during a tour to the Dino Tracks guided by Reinhold. He is very enthusiastic and more than willing to share his knowledge with the guests.

In short, we got great value for money. But above all, the kindness and hospitality of the owners is extraordinary. This made our stay at Dinosaur's Tracks Guestfarm unforgettable. 
Many thanks Adele & Reinhold!
Kind regards, Otto & Anna

Hello Adele and Reinhold, we stayed with you about two months ago... I don t know if you remember us... , I wanted to send you this email to give you many thanks for your hospitality. We felt very welcome and spending our first night with you was a perfect start to a perfect holiday! We miss Namibia a lot! We would love to see you again and have a beer together. Have a good night! Olivia and Wim from Belgium

Your opinion is important, please tell us about your experiences.



Guest Farm Dinosaur's Tracks in Namibia



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